Mike with Vice President Dick Cheney during one of his many visits to Idaho from 1996-2006 when Tracy served as Communication Director for U.S. Senator Larry Craig
Mike with Medal of Honor recipient Ed "Too Tall" Freeman during President George W. Bush's 2005 visit to Idaho.
Mike reveiving a gift from Cuba's Fidel Castro during 2004 Diplomatic mission where Tracy accompanied U.S. Senator Larry Craig and U.S. Congressman Butch Otter. The mission was to establish a "Hemingway House" agreement between Idaho and Cuba as well as secure the sale of Idaho Agricultural good to Cuba.
Mike with 1st Lady Lori Otter and former New Your Mayor Rudi Giuliani during the 2010 Otter Campaign
Mike with Ted Nugent in 2004 following interviews on KTVB-TV concerning the NRA and gun control.
In the salt cavern 2000 feet below the surface in the WIPP nuclear waste site at Carlsbad, New Mexico in 1997 prior to the 1999 opening of the site.